An infrastructure for a full irrigation system

Padarchol has been the location of our most recent projects. As the area covers a huge expanse, the undertaking has been split up into 3 sectors. In the first, the closest to Mugan and Hajigabul, we’ve installed a 76-center pivot irrigation system, sufficient to irrigate about 5,000 ha. We operate one on-site pump station, with a total capacity of about 14,400 m³ per hour. The construction of the main farm base started with a silo facility - boasting a storage capacity of 120,000 tons, plus integrated cleaning and drying systems. The farm is equipped with a main office, machine sheds and a service garage - plus warehouses due for completion in the second half of 2019.

14,400 m³ per hour

Total capacity of on-site pump station

The second sector is currently under development - we have plans to install a center-pivot system on about 20,000 ha of land between Mugan and Padar. We have seeded the area without irrigation over the past 2 years, to help develop the soil. Our investment will include infrastructure for a full irrigation system, including pump stations, pipe lines and pivot systems, as well as an additional silo complex, warehouses, machine sheds and a road network. 

The third and last sector will cover all the remaining areas not covered by the first and second tranches of development. This work is scheduled to be completed within the next 3 years.

Azerbaijan’s largest grain storage anbar, with a capacity of 120,000 tons, is intended for storage for a long time without loss of quality of products collected from our cultivated areas.

Equipment with two lines, each of which is capable of receiving 200 hours-tons of products, brings the products to the front sieve for cleansing, and the purified products are sent for storage in vats. In the drying equipment (4 pieces, with a capacity of 100 tons each), wet products are reduced to the required level of humidity for storage according to the standards.

Thanks to the SCADA program and a fully automated system, the human error has been brought to a minimum.

In our territory there are automated scales (2 pieces) of 50,000 kg each and electronic scales of 80,000 kg.