Making land
productive again

The degradation of main lands and agricultural powerhouses is a global problem.

Global warming, climate change, overgrazing and poor agricultural practices are rapidly deteriorating the soil. Degraded soil causes land erosion, which affects food production and negatively impacts hundreds of millions of lives around the world.

At Agrodairy, we want to reverse this trend. Land development will play a major part in this commitment to increase our country's productivity. It also makes clear economic sense. However, it involves a series of complex operations. Altering the chemical make-up of the soil affects how nutrients circulate, while microbes and other organisms can affect the efficient breakdown of organic matter, even before the soil is ploughed or compressed with heavy machinery.

Such complex processes require professional management, in addition to innovative technology, machinery and methods. Our team has lots of experience meeting these challenges and can recommend appropriate solutions for all our customers, as well as highlighting areas of opportunity they might not previously have noticed.

Our services include consultation, land planning and preliminary design planning, full site development, service design and planning permission, construction management and project delivery.

Since we started our operations in 2014, we’ve cultivated more than 60,000 hectares of land. We see each project as something unique, presenting its own challenges. We always adhere to our mission - which is, to create fertile land, ensure food security and, in the process, create new jobs.

In short, we’re here to support and create a future for agriculture.