The engine of the industry

The Agrodairy  story begins in 2014, when we first started working in irrigation, planting, stocking and crop processing. Our first mission was to locate undeveloped land with significant potential for cultivation. Thereafter, supported by a strategic partnership with the government, we began acquiring and transforming it, with major investment in infrastructure and technology.

Today, Agrodairy  is one of Azerbaijan‘s leading agricultural companies. Headquartered in Baku, we intend to establish branches all over the country. We employ a team of international experts with local expertise, and we all pursue a shared mission to make Azerbaijan greener and more prosperous. Using cutting-edge machinery, processes and products that meet EU standards, we’re determined to become the engine of growth of our industry.

The network we’ve established makes us well-positioned to serve the needs of the country’s growing agricultural sector, bringing in innovative practices and promoting bold new ways of thinking. We’re fully aware that to achieve our goal we must ourselves set high standards. Which is why our mission statement commits us to:

  • decrease the country’s dependency on food imports
  • transform undeveloped land into fertile land
  • increase productivity across the whole country
  • contribute positively to the nation’s economy
  • contribute positively to the nation’s economy
  • provide high quality, sustainable products, to both local and global markets